When people suffering from alcohol or other drug addiction finally get enough courage to call for help, it is a big deal! However, if they don’t have insurance or the ability to pay for treatment, referrals are provided to county-funded programs with waiting lists that are often several months long. The founders of STAT Sobriety Services have experienced making such “empty” referrals and the frustration of knowing that few, if any, ever get into such programs. After a few days on a waiting list, their heads tell them, “Well, at least you tried,” and they return to use.

So, someone finally makes perhaps the most important call of their lives, and the best we can do is to send them into recovery “limbo” somewhere? We have a big problem with this and believe that, just like any other health problem, people who suffer from addiction should be able to get the help they need regardless of the ability to pay.


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